SEO and content that sell

SEO solutions and content that sell.

SEO is the highest converting source of organic traffic. Why? Because people who know what they need are actively looking for a solution and are more likely to buy than someone who is exposed to an advertisement without having looked for something in particular.

Behind each search there is an information, navigation or purchase intention. Understanding this, you will never see content in the same way again.

Start capturing Internet searches to win customers.

Optimization is the way

At FREED we help you capture internet searches associated with your products or services. The road is:

  • Optimize the content of your e-commerce site so that it ranks organically,
  • so it appears in Google search results and
  • your offer reaches those who are looking for a solution like your company.

What do we mean by optimizing? Product descriptions that only contain two lines do not rank well in Google and do not generate conversions. The key is to deliver relevant, quality and searchable content.

Let's look at another very relevant aspect: if your brand has a presence in marketplaces, in addition to your own site, it is very likely that you are already having a duplicate content problem. But you are not the only one, it is a very common headache in e-commerce. Did you know that 30% of the content on e-commerce sites is duplicated? The task is to keep duplicate content as low as possible to rank better in Google search results.

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How do we do it

Our methodology for SEO and content optimization

  • We conduct keyword research for e-commerce. We use specialized tools to investigate what people are looking for on the Internet in relation to your business and to each stage of the Buying Funnel (Attract, Convert and Retain). Did you know that in Google searches there are also different stages, from when a user detects a need until he decides to make the purchase? Those are search intentions: at FREED we detect them and optimize your content for you to capture them.
  • We detect how the market is doing, we discover who your main competitors are on Google and we identify the niches where your brand has opportunities.
  • We define keywords by choosing the best long-tail terms and mapping the vocabulary and search keywords associated with each stage of the shopping journey.
  • We co-design a content strategy that allows us to make our effort and investment profitable.
  • We create unique, authentic and SEO-optimized product descriptions.
  • We optimize SEO at the page and e-commerce site level.
  • We carry out trainings for your content team and a technical team. We help you create the foundations of that common language in SEO that is so much needed to grow an e-commerce.

What do you win?

Positioning and quality traffic

  • Your e-commerce site improves its ranking in Google search results.
  • You get more and better quality traffic that converts more.
  • You avoid duplicate content and possible penalties from the Google algorithm.
  • Your team will be able to autonomously continue along the path of continuous improvement, conducting new keyword research, understanding how and what people are looking for, and applying a content optimization methodology.

Who is SEO and content auditing for?

  • Content teams that will be part of an e-commerce development or redesign project and need support with SEO optimization.
  • Teams that already have evidence that their e-commerce site is not receiving the traffic they expected. Users are probably not reaching your site because they haven't seen it in their search results. There are customers out there looking for what you have to offer and they still don't know that your brand exists. Time to optimize.
  • Agencies specialized in e-commerce that need the support of professionals with experience in content optimization and SEO for a specific project.
  • Teams that want to take their e-commerce to the next level and need support to do it organically, without investing in ads.


  • E-commerce website in its versions for desktop and mobile devices,
  • brand blog and
  • alliances with other content creators.
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