Is it good to broaden my professional horizon in the company where I work?

Today, many companies prefer to train their employees than to recruit new collaborators. This phenomenon is positive for both the company and the worker: it allows professional growth and, in many cases, provides an economic benefit to pay part of the graduate degree. Here we go over the factors you should consider.

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If you have a stable job, it is undoubtedly important that you take care of it and that you improve yourself to achieve the objectives of the company. Depending on the context, some goals may change and you may see new opportunities for learning and growth. This is also a plus for the company since it encourages savings in human capital. How? Encouraging its collaborators to take courses of their interest, in the area in which they work. Amazon is a company that understands the need to train and develop its employees, and they manage it as a continuous investment, regardless of budget; They believe that they will always be a contribution to the business.

The study "118 eye opening stats about sales that you need to know", published by Spotio, concluded that "every dollar invested in sales training yielded $ 29 in incremental revenue." *

In addition, people who obtain professional development in the company tend to keep their jobs, saving the company the high costs of recruiting and selecting personnel.

So, we know that it is worth expanding the professional horizon in the same company. How are you going to differentiate yourself from others?

Update your knowledge

If you work in an area linked to the digital world, you probably know that trends there last less than 6 months. If yours is the world of computing, you know that learning new programming languages is an added value in any company.

Tip: Don't miss the opportunity and look for seminars, workshops, courses and diplomas associated with the topics you need and would like to learn.

There are companies that have training associated with public services, such as SENCE in Chile. The plus is that the courses have a code to obtain a special price for the collaborators of these companies.

Check if the company offers budget or specialty scholarships

Many companies have grants or a budget so that employees can specialize. In most cases you must apply stating why you want to be the recipient of that scholarship.

Tip: Talk to your direct boss and then go to Human Resources to request the application form along with the requirements.

You probably need to have an indefinite contract and 1 year of permanence in the company. Also, check the conditions of accessing this benefit, you may have to stay a certain time in the company after completing the postgraduate degree. While this may limit your future decisions, it may in turn open more doors for you within the same company.

Choose a postgraduate degree that suits your schedule

The postgraduate courses are all different and, if there is something important, it is to talk and define the schedule you will have available to attend your classes. This will help you to always be tidy and not have to ask permission every time you need to go out earlier.

h2>If you don't have time, attend webinars and online courses

If your main problem is to accommodate your schedules and have free time, there is a solution: online courses.

Let's start with the webinars: they are digital seminars that allow you to learn about specific topics; many Chilean and foreign universities teach them. This, either to give you notions of a postgraduate degree or simply to learn about a specific topic that is trending.

In addition, we have different online learning platforms that allow you to choose courses from different categories. For example: The course "Investment in Shares and the Stock Market" offered by UDEMY. If you select it, you can see what you will learn at different levels, from 0 to advanced.

Develop your soft skills

Think ahead. While there is still the fear that robots will steal the work of humans, we must see the positive side: they also support us. According to a report by West Monroe Partners, the association of humans and automation will become even more prevalent during 2020, as robotic process automation (RPA) ramps up.

RPAs are software robots that automate repetitive manual tasks that humans perform in tools such as Microsoft Excel, web applications, or databases. Companies are realizing that the more they automate these monotonous tasks, the more time human collaborators have to get the most important work done. Which one is this? Everything associated with soft skills; growth mindset, creativity and communication. Other higher social skills that figured prominently in the report include: mastery of focus, innovation, and cultural awareness.

Do you know what the next step in your professional career will be?

Career planner

If you want to explore your possibilities, the best way is to carry out a self-assessment of your current situation, discovering what your strengths and weaknesses are, and above all what are your wishes regarding the development of a professional career. To support you in that process, FREED developed the Career Planner that contains tips, exploration activities and tools that have been successful in the world of human resources, resources that will be very useful today and in the future.

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(*), 118 Eye-Opening Sales Statistics for 2019 (By Category). Page consulted on March 11, 2020.

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