We help companies grow their businesses by taking the entrepreneurial discipline for e-commerce, innovation and experience design to the next level.

Where we add value

We add value.
  • E-commerce
  • Innovation
  • Experience design
  • Entrepreneurial discipline

Recent challenges


  • E-commerce
  • Financial services
  • Automotive market
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Construction and maintenance
  • Education and training
  • Public and private sphere
  • B2B and B2C


Some of the brands that have trusted FREED in the last 7 years:

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How FREED was born

In 2013 Carmen Gerea and Cristian Hernández founded the startup UsabilityChefs with the north of allowing the testing and evaluation of interfaces in remote mode. It was basically a platform with a set of tools for professionals in charge of experience with digital interfaces.

Proyecto UsabilityChefs.

That initial project evolved, finally the application never got out of its beta phase and the business model was transformed into a consultancy.

After almost 7 years and a name and brand change process, since 2020 we are called FREED [From research to experience design].

In this context, FREED inherited the closeness of the people from UsabilityChefs:

  • with the user for whom we are designing experiences and
  • with the work team behind each brand.

The other thing FREED inherited from UsabilityChefs is the focus on the network of contacts and that also has to do with people. At FREED we have the power to bring and connect people around a purpose. To solve complex problems you have to pool talents since the best solutions come from multidiscipline.

That makes us different?

  • At FREED (acronym for From research to experience design), we are senior professionals with experience both in large and medium-sized companies (in house) and in consulting and teaching.
  • We are international, developing consultancies and installing capacities in North and South America.
  • Our network of contacts allows us to work alongside other high-level professionals. Thus, we form multidisciplinary teams that adapt to the requirements of each project.
  • We have a work methodology that has been successfully tested in consulting for clients that operate in various areas of the global economy.