Insights-based innovation

Study of trends to facilitate innovation.

"The best way to predict the future is to create it" (Dennis Gabor).

The only constant in a business is change, because growth and market leadership depend on the ability to adapt to variations in people's behavior and in the environment.

In this context, innovation based on insights allows you to mitigate risks when creating new products and services, and also helps you identify new opportunities to capture in the market.

Trend studies

Any innovation strategy must begin by knowing the macro and micro trends in people's behavior, as well as their expected impact on your industry. In other words, trend research is a fundamental pillar in innovation management.

Questions we answer

Trend research to innovate.

When we conduct trend studies, our goal is to answer questions such as:

  • What are the trends in your industry nationally, regionally and globally?
  • What are the megatrends that mark people's behavior?
  • What impact do these megatrends have on your business and industry?
  • What impact do they have on your environment? That is, in the clients, suppliers and other stakeholders.
  • What major changes will occur in the coming years?
  • What do these changes mean for your company and industry?
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How does a trend study add value to innovation processes?

Usually, the study of trends is the first step in the ideation of trend-based innovation and its contribution is seen in:

  • The identification of trends,
  • trend analysis and
  • impact projection.

Solutions for innovation

Research with users and customers (UX / CX Research)

Studies to facilitate innovation.

We carry out studies and research with people to provide you with quantitative and qualitative data, to help you design products and services that solve real problems, as they are based on data and insights.

To develop efficient innovation processes, it is essential to carry out studies with users and market research, as well as to understand the competitive context.

We do field and remote research, on interventions that may consider UX / CX Research, Benchmarks, Market Research, Trend Studies and New Market Research.

Identification of new market niches

Unless your company exists in a monopoly context, in most industries the level of competition is tremendous. For this reason, in addition to having a differentiating and customer-focused value proposition, it is essential to find market niches.

What are niches? They are areas with a certain level of demand and medium or low competition. Finding niches and capturing them is a challenge for all e-commerce.

How do we do it? We find niches based on data:

  • We identify what people are looking for on the Internet in a given country.
  • We map out the main competitors offering products and services in that industry.
  • We estimate the level of difficulty to position digitally better than those competitors. If the level is achievable in the short or medium term, we recommend you approach an experimentation strategy. Your company may not have an offer for the market in that niche, but it does have the ability to design a new product or service. This is what we call trend- and data-driven innovation.
  • Innovation kits for you

    Custom innovation kit.

We conceptualize, design and create content for custom innovation kits. The idea is that you, your leaders and research and development teams have a tool that helps them to think creatively, as well as to create an internal culture that has innovation in its DNA.

Since 2016 we have made hundreds of design kits that have accompanied events such as hackathons, mentoring processes, conferences or have been allies of other fellow consultants. In addition, we create kits and specific artifacts for our consulting projects.

We design and you can take care of the production and manufacture of your kit, but you can also count on us because we have a network of partners who do an excellent job (the production service is only available in Chile).

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