The only constant in a business is change

Solutions for innovation

We support companies with quantitative and qualitative studies to design products and services based on data and insights.

We investigate to

Find new market niches

Doing market research and studies with users is essential in the projection of an e-commerce.

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Solutions to grow in e-commerce

We help companies taking the entrepreneurial discipline for e-commerce, innovation and design for experience to the next level.

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Sales not increasing? The website does not convert as expected? It is time to start winning customers.
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We aim for design FOR experience

We are a multidisciplinary team and we apply the rigor of scientific research to discover the behavior of users with brands.


Customer experience

The relationship with a brand is subjective and depends on multiple factors.

Let's find out what happens to your customers.

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FREED team

Carmen Gerea

Founder of FREED (ex UsabilityChefs). Entrepreneur, international consultant and teacher.

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Rafael Baquedano

Journalist, specialist in content management, UX improvement, information architecture and SEO.

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Guest expert

Juan Pablo López: Graphic Designer, graduated in Marketing and Digital Integration.

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