UX research: what insurance brokers need

Consorcio is a financial services company with more than a century of experience and one of the largest in the sector in Chile. It stands out mainly as a benchmark in the personal and corporate insurance market.

Improve the experience delivered to insurance brokers

Consorcio requested the support of our team to investigate the experience of insurance brokers with the services, get to know them better and get closer to their needs, in order to reverse deficient satisfaction indicators and strengthen their position in the market through these intermediaries.

We did:
Analysis of comments from NPS and UX Research with insurance broker clients from different lines of business

Together with the Consorcio Distributor Customer Experience team, we carried out an arduous research work with users that included surveys and in-depth interviews that reported valuable findings.

In addition to preparing reports with the analysis of our findings and the User Archetypes, we decided to give added value to the investigation through a tool that we call the “Your experience with Consorcio” file kit, to support the work of the services team in the design and redesign of solutions.

Design kit


  • Analysis of the Net Promoter Score (NPS) comments: surveys of insurance brokers and analysis of the indicator.
  • UX Research based on semi-structured interviews with 50 insurance brokers from different lines of business.
  • Thematic analysis of qualitative data to identify patterns.
  • Crossing the qualitative data with metrics obtained in the surveys.
  • Validation of broker profiles with account executives.


  • Profiles of insurance brokers: People or User Archetypes.
  • "Your experience with Consorcio” card kit: summary of the findings in card format, as input for the process of design and redesign of services.


Studies and research with people

  1. Design and redesign of services methodology . UX Research's work with insurance brokers threw a series of data that allowed the construction of the different customer profiles (Personas or User Archetypes), to which the findings obtained in the NPS were added. These inputs allow the Customer Experience team to carry out its work by putting a clearly identified target customer at the center.
  2. Transfer the learnings to the Consorcio Client Experience team to replicate this type of research in the future in the design and redesign processes of solutions for the clients.

Inputs to prioritize projects and connect teams with their customers

  1. Inputs to build project roadmap: The Customer Experience and Service Design areas face the need to solve many problems for customers and, in general, prioritization is biased by the opinion of different stakeholders. The qualitative analysis delivered important inputs and insights that allowed teams to prioritize projects that could really move customer and service experience indicators. This generated shared visions on the topics to be worked on by all the teams involved, both clients, operations, commercial, insurance actuary and technology.
  2. Inputs for development teams and cells: One of the challenges when doing digital projects has to do with the awareness and knowledge that technical teams could have on business issues. Furthermore, in financial services this is accentuated by being a highly complex industry. The artifacts developed allowed the Customer Experience teams to transmit in a simplified way the main pain of the customers, the types of users involved and keep them in mind when generating the different solutions.

What they say about us

"The qualitative analysis developed by FREED is of a very high level. In our case, being a financial services company, the quantitative has a lot of weight in the decisions. Therefore, it was good to have a partner that could provide traceability of the work of field, support decisions based on evidence and provide theoretical foundations of the results. It is usual to find qualitative analyzes highly charged with the opinion of researchers, but in this case we are sure that the results are a reflection of the opinion of the clients , and FREED provides all the necessary documentation to substantiate it. In addition, the archetype kit is a very visually attractive and practical material, which was very useful to install it on the different work tables. "

Giovanni Magnani Consorcio
Giovanni Magnani
Assistant Manager of Communications with clients and Social Networks - Marketing

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