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Soluciones corporativas para e-commerce de FREED.

UX / CX audit for e-commerce

Are you losing sales? Your website doesn't convert what you expect?

It is very likely that users will not be able to find the product or service they need on your e-commerce site or, if they found it, they could not complete the purchase due to performance or usability problems.

Don't let more clients escape.

We offer you:

  • Expert evaluation of usability and user experience (UX): A complete assessment of various aspects such as navigation, key pages, critical information, functional spaces, content, forms, search engine, purchase process, etc.
  • Data-backed performance analysis, to define your audience, how users reach your e-commerce and how they interact with it.

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Studies and research with people

Doing market research, studies with users and understanding their competitive context is essential in the projection of an e-commerce.

At FREED we support you with research based on quantitative and qualitative data:

  • UX / CX Research to identify the user / customer profiles with which your brand interacts.
  • Benchmarks to understand how your brand is positioned.
  • Market research for e-commerce to know how competitive the market is and the channels where your brand could be positioned.
  • Search for niches to identify new business opportunities.
  • Trend studies to guide the design and development of new products and product categories for e-commerce.
  • Research of new markets where to position your products.

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SEO and content

SEO is the highest converting source of organic traffic. Why? If you can understand that behind each search there is an intention of information, navigation or purchase, you will never see the content in the same way again.

We optimize the content on your site to rank organically, because it takes more than a simple description for your products to appear in Google searches and generate conversions.

What do we do for your e-commerce?

  • We research keywords to understand what people are looking for on the Internet in relation to your business and at each stage of the Purchase Funnel.
  • We detect your main competitors in Google searches.
  • We develop unique, authentic and SEO optimized product descriptions.
  • We co-design a content strategy that pays off the effort and investment.
  • We optimize SEO at the page and site level.
  • We carry out trainings for your content team and a technical team.
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