E-commerce and digital positioning

Isolcork is a startup belonging to the Masisa Lab portfolio, which has positioned itself in the construction industry with its innovative commitment to cork as a base material to offer ecological and more efficient solutions.

Local and regional digital positioning

Support Isolcork with a strategy to position its brand through e-commerce, both in the local market (Chile) and to expand the presence of its innovative products to other Latin American countries.

We did:
Digital marketing strategy and training

Isolcork required support in the development of a digital marketing plan to position itself locally, improve its presence in a national marketplace where it distributes its products, as well as to expand into other markets in Latin America.

In this process, we developed workshops and training sessions to pass on to Isolcork the necessary knowledge that would allow its team to carry out future actions, autonomously, to meet its e-commerce objectives.

Isolcork e-commerce


  • Data collection and digital market research to understand the contexts of the different markets, get to know the competition, detect references and discover opportunities for new distribution channels and digital presence.
  • Research of the universe of organic searches in each of the target markets, to understand how to reach customers through e-commerce.
  • Analysis of the presence in digital media, detecting a lack of consistency in the different points of contact.
  • Identification of the audiences and the most convenient digital channels or contact points to generate the expected commercial results.
  • Study of the marketplace algorithm and the potential of the website.
  • Strategic support for the selection of international e-commerce channels (cross-border e-commerce).
Isolcork store in a marketplace.


  • Market research methodology replicable by the Isolcork team.
  • Brand alignment workshop to define the value proposition by type of customer.
  • Own e-commerce.
  • Validation of the value proposition by type of client through positioning campaigns in social networks.
  • Content for web and social networks, replicable by the Isolcork team.
  • Digital assets to optimize presence at different points of contact.
  • Identification of dedicated resources to autonomously execute the strategy.
Market research for Isolcork.

Own e-commerce and knowledge to explore new markets

  1. Autonomy for own e-commerce: One of the first findings of the project was that there was too great a dependency on a national marketplace, where Isolcork could not fully manage the content about its products. This made it difficult to position it on as well as within the marketplace itself. We addressed this challenge through a pilot with our own digital store built on the Shopify platform, which in a short time became its main e-commerce channel.
  2. Knowledge to explore new markets: The Isolcork team knows who the customers are and how they search the internet for solutions to meet their needs. Also, they were able to experience how to reach the audience through different digital channels. Isolcork members can independently develop the digital marketing strategy and continue investigating what actions to take to position the brand and products in other markets, by having basic notions of inquiry using digital tools.

Invited consultants

Juan Pablo Lopez Icono de LinkedIn

Juan Pablo López

I am a Graphic Designer, graduated in Marketing and Digital Integration from McCANN. I have focused on the development of branding projects with a deep interest in design processes, brand management and visual consistency in the digital and physical world. For seven years I have been part of FutureBrand, a global strategy and brand communication consultancy, participating in projects for different companies, such as: Sodimac, Entel, Mallplaza, Cafés del Perú y DirecTv.

Carlos Leiva Icono de LinkedIn

Carlos Leiva

I currently live in Austin, Texas, United States, and I have 15 years of experience doing digital strategy consulting to develop business and sales funnels. In the last 10 years I have been a founding partner of 4 businesses:,, y, where I have been in charge of generating the sales funnel of more than 500 sellers in multiple cities.

What they say about us

"The work carried out by FREED during these months of the project allowed us to take an important step in the digitization of our company for the e-commerce world, where we managed to understand relevant concepts in a practical way, with a survey of information and brand proposal focused on the sale. Which has allowed us to be more connected and aware of the way to communicate to the end user".

Mario Palma Isolcork

Mario Palma P.
Business Development Manager

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