Renacent Clinic

SEO optimization for digital positioning

Renacent is a cosmetic surgery clinic that is innovating in Chile with minimally invasive, outpatient and fast recovery procedures, and facilities of international standard.

Understand demand and capture it organically

Find out what was the positioning of the brand and its services on the Internet, as well as in the cosmetic surgery market, and understand the interest of users through understanding their search intentions.

We did:
Digital marketing strategy and SEO optimization

Renacent Clinic required the development of an in-depth study to find out what its situation was in the market and discover the niches where there were opportunities to position the brand through its presence on the Internet.

Consequently, we deployed a digital marketing strategy through its own website and blog, as well as developing a backlink campaign to give the brand a greater presence in digital media, while obtaining greater authority. All of this was backed by SEO optimization to organically capture traffic.

SEO audit for Renacent Clinic.


  • Keyword research and search intent on Google.
  • Benchmark of the aesthetic health market on the Internet and positioning of Renacent Clinic.
  • Expert website evaluation and content audit.
  • SEO optimization for organic positioning in Google searches.
  • Preparation of content optimized for e-commerce and blog articles for organic positioning in Google.
  • Press releases and backlink campaigns in digital media.


  • Contents optimized for the website and blog, replicable by the Renacent Clinic team.
  • SEO optimization of the website and blog.
  • Articles published in digital media to generate authority on the internet through backlinks.

Partner consultant

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Carlos Leiva

Actualmente vivo en Austin, Texas, Estados Unidos, y tengo 15 años de experiencia haciendo consultorías de estrategia digital para desarrollar negocios y embudos de venta. En los últimos 10 años he sido socio fundador de 4 negocios:,, y, donde he estado a cargo de generar el embudo de venta de más de 500 vendedores en múltiples ciudades.

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SEO audit and content

Position your e-commerce and capture the search intentions of people on the internet, through a strategy based on the attributes of your brand, your products or services and quality content properly optimized for organic positioning in Google.

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