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If we seek to design new products and services, it is essential to carry out research with users because it will allow us to explore the real needs and problems of the people for whom we want to design a solution.

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To conduct user research (UX Research) there are methodologies, techniques and tools that must be applied to our projects and the result of this process will allow us to understand design opportunities and challenges.

If you think you need preparation to carry out your own UX Research, here we will review some online course alternatives to learn or deepen your knowledge in research with users.

12 UX Research Online Course Options

1. Aprende UX

It is an e-learning company that offers courses and UX diplomas in Spanish. Its courses seek to deliver knowledge in relation to the fundamentals, techniques, methods and trends of user experience. In line with the research, they offer the course "Planning an investigation with users" aimed at knowing the essential points of a research plan with users.

Courses offered:

  • Tree Test: evaluate your information architecture.
  • Eye tracking.
  • UX Heuristics Applied to VR and AR.
  • Planning an investigation with users.

Prices: all courses have a value of $ 15 dollars.

Language: Spanish.

Website: Aprende UX

2. Designlab

It's a San Francisco-based academy that offers a career in UX UI design through their Academy program, but if you're not looking for long-term training, they also offer short online courses to learn key concepts and practical skills.

Course offered: UX and user research.

Prices: $ 399 dollars.

Language: English.

Website: Designlab

3. Domestika

It is a community that has gained strength in recent years and they have a wide catalog of online courses aimed at all people who want to learn simply and at low cost. In relation to UX Research, we can find the following courses.

Courses offered:

  • Introduction to UX Research.
  • Digital product design with Lean and UX.
  • UX: Usability and User Experience.

Prices: from $ 6,990 to $ 10,400 Chilean pesos.

Language: in some cases the audio is in Spanish and in others in English with Spanish subtitles.

Website: Domestika

4. Interaction Design Foundation

It is an online design school with origins in Denmark and its courses have world-recognized certificates and cover the entire field of UX Design. One of the online courses in the specialty of UX Research is “UX Management: Strategy and Tactics”, focused on the leadership of UX teams and user experience management practices.

Courses offered:

  • User Experience: The Beginner’s Guide [level 1].
  • Design Thinking: The Beginner’s Guide [level 1].
  • User Research - Methods and Best Practices [level 2].
  • UX Management: Strategy and Tactics [level 2].
  • Accessibility: How to Design for All [level 3].
  • How to Design for Augmented and Virtual Reality ([level 3].

Prices: you can access all the courses by hiring a membership for students for $ 8 per month or a professional membership for $ 12 per month.

Language: English.

Website: Interaction Design Foundation

5. Medu Academy

It is an e-Learning company with origin in Peru that has the support of Continuum, an organization that provides business consulting services. All courses are related to UX / Service Design and have leading professionals in Latin America.

Courses offered:

  • UX Research 2.0.
  • Usability: methods to guarantee the best experience.
  • Strategy and UX research.

Prices: from $ 99 to $ 185 dollars.

Language: Spanish.

Website: Medu Academy

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6. Multiplica Academy

It is an academy that belongs to Multiplica, a strategic design consultancy present mainly in Latin America. The training program is aimed at independent professionals and one of its online courses is “Sensory Ethnography Applied to Design”, which is focused on concepts and research tools, such as, for example, design and analysis of ethnographies, sensory framework of analysis, research plan, among other topics.

Courses offered:

  • Sensory ethnography applied to design.
  • Research Mapping: tools & tips.
  • Introduction to behavioral economics and product design.

Prices: from $ 130,000 to $ 280,000 Chilean pesos.

Language: Spanish.

Website: Multiplica Academy

7. Nielsen Norman Group

It is a globally recognized consultancy and offers a training program aimed primarily at teams seeking to build a unified approach and understanding of the user experience. Within the UX Research specialty, they offer around 13 online courses, one of them “Assessing UX Designs Using Proven Principles” aimed at identifying usability problems, developing dashboards based on UX evaluations, among other topics.

Courses offered:

  • Analytics and User Experience.
  • Assessing UX Designs Using Proven Principles.
  • Discoveries: Building the Right Thing.
  • How to Interpret UX Numbers: Statistics for UX.
  • Journey Mapping to Understand Customer Needs.
  • Measuring UX and ROI, among others.

Prices: The courses are aimed at work teams and have a value of $ 13,000 dollars.

Language: English.

Website: Nielsen Norman Group

8. Sperientia

It is a consulting and research company based in Mexico. Within its services it offers a training program aimed at organizations that are seeking to initiate or improve the capabilities of the teams in charge of designing experiences. The Team Design program includes workshops, seminars and support.

Workshops offered:

  • User Research Workshop for Conceptual Design Discovery.
  • Workshop on Evaluation of User Experience with Interactive Systems.
  • Workshop on Strategic Positioning of the Design and Evaluation of User Experience (UX).

Prices: not available.

Language: Spanish.

Website: Sperientia


It is an E-Learning organization based in San Francisco that offers a wide range of online courses for students, companies and governments. Their design, technology and science courses are led by expert instructors and offer new related topics every month.

Courses offered:

  • UX Research and Journey Map.
  • UX: Master in Web Design and User Experience.
  • UX / UI Design: Fundamentals in User Experience.

Prices: from $ 19.99 to $ 129.99.

Language: Spanish.

Website: UDEMY

10. User Research Academy

It is an academy that belongs to Nikki Anderson, a German researcher and consultant who seeks to contribute her knowledge and experiences to the UX community. It offers different services such as mentoring, workshops and a user research course that addresses both the theoretical framework and practical examples of usability tests.

Workshops offered:

  • Intro to User Research Live Workshop - VIP.
  • Intro to User Research Live Workshop - Core Curriculum.

Prices: from € 1,197 to € 397.

Language: English.

Website: User Research Academy

11. UXCool Academy

It is an online academy with online courses mainly oriented to user research. They offer a certification program in fundamentals of UX Research with 6 courses available, one of them "Plan UX Research" that addresses the types of qualitative research where you can learn, for example, to do UX interviews.

Courses offered:

  • Introduction to UX Research.
  • UX Research Plan.
  • Production and collection of information.
  • Analysis of research results.
  • Presentation of research results.
  • Dual Tracking UX Research Process.

Prices: the certification includes the 6 courses and has a value of $ 299 (until January 15, 2021).

Language: Spanish.

Website: UXCool Academy

12. UX Learn

It is an initiative belonging to Torres Burriel, a Spanish Study of User Experience (UX) and User Research. It offers a catalog of online courses aimed at knowing UX techniques to be applied in user experience projects, usability, information architecture and digital product design.

Course offered: UX specialization course in advanced user research.

Price: € 500.

Language: Spanish - English.

Website: UX Learn

Before concluding, we want to clarify that all online courses must be validated with each of the companies and organizations mentioned since some data may be updated by them after this article is published. Therefore, what we have exposed here is only indicative.

If you are looking to learn more about UX user experience and CX customer experience, we recommend you visit our blog .

Have you taken some of those courses or others about UX Research? Tell us about your experience and which one would you recommend.

Authors: Denise Sánchez and Rafael Baquedano

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