UX / CX audit for e-commerce

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Complete UX Analysis + Performance Data

What should you improve in the checkout, the product page, the navigation and the search in your e-commerce?

Based on the findings of more than 180 e-commerce sites evaluated in the last 7 years, we created a comprehensive audit to thoroughly investigate various aspects of an e-commerce performance in terms of shopping experience.

At FREED we will do this complete audit of your e-commerce, giving you a set of actionable recommendations that you can implement from now on, as well as hypotheses to test in tests with users. Our analysis is supported by data from internal sources (Google Analytics and Shopify reports) and external sources (industry data).

How do we do it?

Our audit methodology for e-commerce

Each project is different, therefore, what we use is a methodological framework that allows us to select the appropriate research methods according to the objectives of each client.

  • It allows to show usability problems and user experience.
  • Ensures a thorough review of the interface and interaction.
  • Provide concrete recommendations for improvement.
  • It is fast.
  • It allows to save costs since it is not necessary to recruit a great variety of representative users of each archetype or client - type.
  • It allows to define hypotheses to validate in the testing with users.

Some dimensions we evaluate

Elements of experience analyzed

  • Navigation: Main and secondary menus, links, footer, etc.
  • Home page, product page and category pages: We evaluate elements such as added value, critical information, functional spaces and the structure of the product page and category page.
  • Content: Optimization and usability of texts, images and videos.
  • Forms: Usability and performance.
  • Help and documentation: Finding, support and contextual help.
  • Control and prevention of errors: Control of navigation, communication of errors, redirects, etc.
  • Search: Internal search engine, indexing and use of filters.
  • Checkout process: Shopping cart, means of payment, recovery of the abandoned cart, among others.

What does the data say?

E-commerce performance

The results of the analysis are supported by data. We will ask you for access to your Google Analytics account to understand the current situation and the evolution of e-commerce in recent months. Our focus is:

  • Analyze who your audience is,
  • how it reaches the site (traffic sources) and
  • how it behaves when going through the stages of the conversion funnel, as well as in its interaction with the content and the different functionalities and elements that the site proposes.

Our deliverables

What do you get?

  • Actionable audit report. We highlight the elements to improve and illustrate good practices through national or global examples.
  • Executive presentation of the main results for your work team.
  • 3 follow-up videoconferences to be held in the next 6 months. Very useful to receive feedback on the implementation of recommended improvements, as well as to refine details and talk with the team about the evolution of the optimization process.
  • Access to our private LinkedIn FREED Business group to share with professionals who have similar challenges in their e-commerce.

Who is the UX / CX Audit for e-commerce for?

  • Teams that are redesigning an e-commerce or are thinking of doing it soon. Redesign processes are complex; We have experienced it ourselves with various sites in the corporate world before engaging in consulting and we know it can be torturous. In this way, it is essential to keep the elements that are working well - to avoid frustrations from recurring users - and to identify the aspects to improve in the interface and the experience with the brand through e-commerce.
  • Teams that know that their e-commerce does not sell according to their objectives. Are you losing sales? Your website doesn't convert what you expect? It is very likely that users will not be able to find the product or service they need on your e-commerce site or, if they found it, they could not complete the purchase due to performance or usability problems. Don't let more clients escape.
  • Agencies and providers of technology solutions for e-commerce that want to ensure that they are on the right track in the design of the experience, through a neutral perspective.
  • Teams that want to grow their e-commerce and seek to identify the best practices to implement.


  • E-commerce website in its versions for desktop devices and mobile devices, and
  • communications with customers that are triggered from critical flows (subscription, shopping cart, payment and dispatch).

Price: 2,500 USD

Delivery time: 5 - 10 business days

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